Earthshine Massage
Bonnie Rhodes, LMT #007352

About Bonnie

Bonnie began her career in early 2009, after earning her certificate in Esthetics from Brio Academy of Cosmetology.  She soon headed back to school to further her education at The Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy.  After graduating with top honors in 2012, she continued on a successful career path for close to a decade working as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Esthetician at a well known luxury spa here in Connecticut.  With the skills and knowledge she gained thru working at the spa, Bonnie is thrilled to open her very own practice, Earthshine Massage in Moodus, CT.  Bonnie truly believes we are all capable of increasing the quality of our lives.  It's about being balanced and it all starts with the body and mind.  If your body doesn't feel good, most likely your mind won't either.  And vice versa.  Massage, meditation, any form of exercise, healthy eating, optimistic thinking, laughter ....and a maybe a little bit of chocolate each day are just a few of her top priorities to live her best life.  What are yours?